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Most recent project is this very webpage you are viewing. It is my first publicly publish website. You are now up to date on my projects.


Find Problem

Best way to learn is to find a problem to solve. Break down into small problems to solve one by one.



Taking the fundamental knowledge to apply to new ways to build a script or program. Finding many ways that it does not work until…



The problem is solved. Nothing is perfect on the first try. That makes it even better to keep learning from ways the solution does not work flawlessly.

Solving Problems?
Find helpful ideas
Developing a goal.

Why Develop with?

An individual from a healthcare technician background. A niche set of skills and knowledge.

#1. Healthcare software

Fast growing field of healthcare IT with plenty of opportunity.

#2. Unique perspective

Learned industry standards from IT companies and educational facilities. Yet changing the specifics of the standards to increase the high demands the healthcare industry.

#3. Industry always in demand

Healthcare IT jobs are full of medical equipment niches that require knowledgeable personnel to improve the healthcare environment.

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Nothing is ever a waste of time. There is a lesson in everything you do. You just have to find it.